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Curcuma: Siam Tulip Festival, coming August, to be arranged in the Royal Park Rajapruek

Posted: Mon, 23 June 2014     Read: 1,725

Curcuma: Siam Tulip Festival, in this August 2014, to be arranged in the Royal Park Rajapruek


Royal Park Rajapruek to arrange for Curcuma or Siam Tulip with various breeds in this August 2014


If the "Siam Tulip" to be mentioned, to most people could slightly be doubted, what this kind of flower is. But, when we mention about "Curcuma" or Dok-Kra-Jeuw (in Thai), to be clued, of course, it is a flower's name, and she is to be familiar with everyone.


The curcuma will be gorgeous blooming only once in a year to anyone its sight to look gently, and happenning in around rainy season.


So, it is high time that Royal Park Rajapruek is to plant the seed of curcuma for decoration in the fair as called "Curcuma: Siam Tulip Festival 2014" in around August. In the fair, audience could see the various breeds of curcuma, which they are beautifully decorated across over the park.


And what's more, the fair will be provided useful idea of curcuma knowledge, and interesting academically activities for student and youth, and others useful information for tourists and farmers.


Futher information please go to or phone call (66) 053 114110-5


Translated: Information Technology Center, HRDI

Source: Royal Park Rajapruek, HRDI