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Royal Project Extention Area

The Highland Research and Development Institute (HRDI) is following the great success of the Royal Project Foundation. Therefore, HRDI expands the Royal Project Model to Sustainable Develop Highland Communities. It extends the Royal Project achievements to other highland areas. At present, operations at 27 highland sites including villages in 22 districts in 5 provinces are included. The program has a target population of 44,710 people from 12,300 households. HRDI is committed to the success of the Hill Tribe communities. It provides the Hill Tribes of the expansion area with a business and social strategy in order to encourage and strengthen sustainable development and improve the livelihoods of the Hill Tribes. There are various projects in the social and economical field. Goal is the self-sufficiency and an enhancement of local proactive initiatives based on respect for indigenous knowledge and traditions. This exchange will ideally lead to mutual learning, understanding and trust on both sides. HRDI drives for human capacity building including training courses for Hill Tribes, educational campaigns and access to external knowledge in marketing and business as well as funding to face the development needs of the Hill Tribe communities. An important focus lies on promoting sustainable development through learning centers. They combine indigenous knowledge of the local community and development knowledge of modern agricultural techniques.

The Highland Research and Development Institute (HRDI) support the Royal Project Development Centers to work cooperatively and in an integrated manner with provincial and local administrative organizations on knowledge transfer; and thereby support the Royal Project Development Centers become high quality sustainable highland development learning centers.

Royal Project Extention Area
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